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  Unit1. What’s the matter?

  1.—Does Jane have________ fever?

  —Yes,she does. I think she should go to________ hospital.

  A.an;/ B.a;the C./;a D.the;an

  2.—Why can't you sleep well?

  —Because there is something wrong________ my head.

  A.with B.for C.of D.at

  3.I must be_______soon,because I have a date in ten minutes.

  A.in B.off C.about D.over

  4.—What's the matter?

  —My friend hurt her________. She can hardly walk.

  A.hand B.neck C.knee D.throat

  5.—Where's Lucy?I didn't see her today.

  —Oh,she hurt________ when she rode to school this morning. She went to a doctor.

  A.she B.her C.hers D.herself

  6.The boy is________ creative that we all like him very much.

  A.so B.such C.very D.too

  7.You should________ your eyes after a lot of reading.

  A.sleep B.open C.watch D.rest

  8.Coco _______ a decision to visit Aunt Li the next Sunday.

  A.did B.made C.planned D.wrote

  9.Because of the bad weather,we had to________ climbing the mountain.

  A.look up B.get up C.give up D.keep up

  10.—Did you buy that watch?

  —No. I________ my money.

  A.came up with B.ran out of

  C.ran away D.took off

  11.I saw her________ basketball when I walked on the playground this morning.

  A.practices B.practiced

  C.practicing D.to practice

  12.If you have a toothache,you should________.

  A.see a dentist B.go to school

  C.drink cold water D.eat much meat

  13.—Mom,should I call Tim and apologize (道歉)?

  —________. I think you are wrong this time.

  A.Yes,you should B.No,you shouldn't

  C.Yes,he does D.No,he doesn't

  14.I used to________ clothes in shops,but now I'm used to ________ them online.

  A.buying;buying B.buy;buy

  C.buying;buy D.buy;buying

  15.—My mother cut her hand when she was cooking.


  A.It doesn't matter B.Don't worry

  C.Yes,that's right D.I'm sorry to hear that


  1-2 BABCD 6-10 ADBCB 11-15 CAADD

  Unit2. I’ll help to clean up the city parks.

  1.—We should take good care of ________ old.

  —You're right.

  A.the B.a C.an D./

  2.—Mary takes ________ her mother.

  —Yes.She is similar________ her mother.

  A.for;as B.to;with C.after;to D.away;from

  3.My best friend always helps me ________ when I am in trouble.

  A.after B.out C.over D.with

  4.—No one could answer the teacher's question except Linda.

  —Oh,she is really________!

  A.beautiful B.outgoing C.happy D.clever

  5.—I really want to know ________ the people in the disaster area(灾区) are.

  —It is said that they have enough food and clothes.

  A.how B.where C.what D.who

  6.Gina doesn't ________.She looks as beautiful as two years ago.

  A.finish B.decide C.change D.arrive

  7.Old Henry lives ________.He often feels ________.

  A.alone;alone B.alone;lonely

  C.lonely;lonely D.lonely;alone

  8.—I have got a ________ that other workers don't like me.

  —It's not what you think.They are just too busy to talk with you.

  A.feeling B.letter C.decision D.journey

  9.The good news of our basketball team winning the game ________ the whole class.

  A.cheered up B.put up

  C.got up D.looked up

  10.—The article is really difficult.

  —Yes,it is.I can't ________ its meaning at all.

  A.read B.speak C.understand D.write

  11.—What makes you ________ the job?

  —Because I'll move to another city.

  A.set up B.look for C.cut off D.give up

  12.—We should ________ a plan for the garden party.

  —Yes,I think so.

  A.come up B.come up with

  C.catch up D.catch up with

  13.His family ________ be really poor.But now they have much money.

  A.is used to B.was used to

  C.used to D.use to

  14.—Do you know ________ look after a baby?

  —Sure,I always help my mom look after my little sister.

  A.what can B.what to

  C.how can D.how to

  15.—I like to work with kids.


  A.You can give out food to the old people

  B.You can help to clean the house

  C.You can volunteer in the factory

  D.You can help the kids with their studies


  1-5 ACBDA 6-10 CBAAC 11-15 DBCDD

  Unit3. Could you please clean your room?

  1.She usually has some ________ for dinner in the night market when her parents are away.

  A.meals B.dishes

  C.snacks D.movies

  2.—I can't understand any word of the passage (文章).

  —________ can I.I really want to know what it says.

  A.Neither B.So C.Either D.Even

  3.—I've run out of money.Can I ________ some from you?

  —Sorry,I don't bring any with me.

  A.lend B.borrow C.keep D.buy

  4.—It is Sunday today.Why don't you go out to have fun?

  —I stay at home ________ on weekends.I don't like going out.

  A.at the same time B.all the time

  C.for some time D.at times

  5.Linda is doing her homework ________ her brother is watching TV.

  A.until B.if C.because D.while

  6.—I often have much stress and fall ________ before exams.

  —You must learn to be relaxed.

  A.ill B.happy C.healthy D.strong

  7.—Would you like to come to my birthday party tomorrow evening?

  —Sorry.My mother is on business (出差),so I have to ________ my sister at home.

  A.look for B.take over

  C.come up with D.take care of

  8.—Could you please ________ the rubbish,Mandy?

  —OK.I'll do it right away.

  A.take out B.work on

  C.look after D.turn off

  9.—Meimei is ________ the difficult math problem.

  —I'm sure she'll ________.

  A.working out;work it out B.working on;work it out

  C.working on;work it on D.working out;work it on

  10.Mr.Li likes ________ the floor but hates to ________ the dishes.

  A.sweep;doing B.sweeping;do

  C.sweeping;doing D.sweep;do

  11.—Shall we climb mountains tomorrow,Mom?

  —It ________ the weather.If it's rainy,we will have to stay at home.

  A.waits for B.looks for

  C.decides on D.depends on

  12.It's a ________ to throw good food away and we should try our best to save (节约)food.

  A.matter B.waste C.habit D.trouble

  13.—Would you mind ________ the rubbish on the floor,my boy?

  —I'm sorry.I won't do it again.

  A.don't drop B.not to drop

  C.not drop D.not dropping

  14.—How about this skirt,Cathy?

  —It's too expensive and ________ the color doesn't suit (适合)you.

  A.anywhere B.almost

  C.anyway D.yet

  15.—Why did Mark get to the cinema so early?

  —________ get a good seat.

  A.In order to B.In order

  C.In order that D.In order for


  1-2 CABBD 6-10 ADABB 11-15 DBDCA

  Unit4. Why do’t you talk to your parents?

  1.—Bob likes sports very much.Why not buy him a ________?

  —Good idea.

  A.book B.football C.knife D.watch

  2.—What should I do if my parents don't agree ____me?

  —You'd better find a chance to communicate________ them.

  A.with;on B.to;with

  C.to;to D.with;with

  3.Linda is shy.She always feels ________ when she speaks in front of people.

  A.relaxed B.nervous C.proper D.clear

  4.Please ________ this bike with that one,and then tell me the differences between them.

  A.compare B.advise C.explain D.return

  5.—When shall we start?

  —Let's wait ________ the rain stops.

  A.if B.as C.until D.since

  6.It's really kind of you to offer ________ me the money.

  A.to lend B.lending C.lend D.to lending

  7.—Are you going to come?

  —________.I'll see how I feel.

  A.Already B.Finally C.Instead D.Perhaps

  8.—Would you like to go to the movies this evening?

  —I'd like to,but my parents don't allow me ________ out at night.

  A.go B.going C.to go D.went

  9.—________ Mr.Smith was very tired,he stayed up late to finish his work.

  —How hard-working he is!

  A.Because B.Unless C.When D.Although

  10.Don't ________ little Maria so hard.She is only six years old.

  A.push B.guess C.cause D.compete

  11.—My mother often sends me to all kinds of classes,so I feel very tired.

  —I think she should ________ a few of your activities so that you can feel relaxed.

  A.get out B.work out C.find out D.cut out

  12.—I ________ my best friend yesterday morning.

  —Why not call her up and say sorry to her?

  A.depended on B.looked for

  C.hung out with D.argued with

  13.I have finished reading these books,so I will ________ them to the library this afternoon.

  A.borrow B.lend C.return D.keep

  14.________ pressure isn't good for children's development.

  A.Too much B.Too many

  C.Many too D.Much too

  15.—Thanks for giving me so much useful advice.


  A.I'm afraid not B.I think so

  C.No problem D.All right


  1-5 BDBAC 6-10 ADCDA 11-15 DDCAC

  Unit5. What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

  1.—What were you doing when I called you?

  —I was taking ________ shower,so Mary took ________ message for me.

  A./;a B.a;/ C.the;the D.a;a

  2.—Can you see the birthday cake ________ 10 candles on it?

  —Yes,Lily's mother bought it ________ her.

  A.with;to B.against;for

  C.with;for D.against;to

  3.What was Tom doing ________ his father was looking for him?

  A.while B.since C.after D.until

  4.—Does your brother often argue with ________?

  —No,he is always friendly to others.

  A.someone B.anyone C.everyone D.none

  5.—Why are you all wet?

  —It rained ________ and I didn't take my umbrella.

  A.completely B.suddenly

  C.comfortably D.differently

  6.—Why did he just sit in ________ during the meeting?

  —Because he had nothing to say.

  A.tower B.silence C.wood D.order

  7.—________ is the weather like in your city?

  —Always cloudy.

  A.What B.Who C.Which D.How

  8.I heard a(n)________ noise just now.It made me scared.

  A.beautiful B.typical

  C.strange D.interesting

  9.After the heavy storm,the lake ________,and the water ran into the houses.

  A.rose B.compared

  C.dropped D.realized

  10.—What will our life be like without ________?

  —We will live in a dark world.

  A.snow B.wood C.light D.ice

  11.—What was the result of the football game yesterday?

  —Our team ________ the other team by a score of two to one.

  A.reported B.depended C.beat D.competed

  12.Mr.Hand was so tired that he ________ in a minute.

  A.went off B.picked up C.died down D.fell asleep

  13.She ________ her mother with the housework the whole afternoon last Sunday.

  A.were helping B.helps C.was helping D.is helping

  14.—Was your sister watching TV when the storm began?

  —________.She was playing with her friends.

  A.Yes,she did B.No,she didn't

  C.Yes,she was D.No,she wasn't

  15.—Peter got an A in the English exam.

  —________. He isn't good at English at all.

  A.That's all right B.You're kidding

  C.Of course D.It doesn't matter


  1-5 DCABB 6-10 BACAC 11-15 CDCDB

  Unit6. An old man tried to move the mountains.

  1.—I read ________ story about Shennong?Do you know who he was,Tony?

  —He was ________ emperor in ancient China.

  A.a;/ B.a;an C.an;a D.an;/

  2.—Your sister looks very ________.What's the matter with her?

  —She has a stomachache.

  A.funny B.weak C.boring D.relaxed

  3.—Does that sweater ________ her?

  —Sure.She is really beautiful in it.

  A.hit B.keep C.fix D.fit

  4.—Li Mei's ________ is very beautiful.

  —Yes.Her songs ________ very beautiful.

  A.noise;voice B.voice;sound

  C.sound;noise D.shout;sound

  5.If Jerry forgets to take an umbrella,please ________ him.

  A.explain B.remind

  C.remember D.hurry

  6.All the people there can't speak English,so ________ can understand him.

  A.somebody B.something

  C.nothing D.nobody

  7.—Do you know Peter?

  —Yes,he _______ Susan last year and now they had a baby.

  A.married B.smiled

  C.continued D.reminded

  8.—Mom,I want to drive to my grandparents' home.

  —Don't be ________.You are too young to drive.

  A.silly B.noisy C.nervous D.sad

  9.—When will you visit your friend,Zhu Mei?

  —________ she returns to the city.

  A.So that B.As soon as C.Unless D.Because

  10.—How did you make your dream come true?

  —I just kept ________ and never gave up.

  A.try B.tried C.trying D.to try

  11.—Did they go to the park yesterday?

  —No,they stayed at home ________ going out.

  A.instead of B.remind of

  C.depend on D.in order to

  12.—Don't give up.Things will be fine soon.

  —Yes.We should learn to be _______ when we are in trouble.

  A.brave B.quiet C.sad D.angry

  13.We won't put off having the sports meeting _______ it rains.

  A.if B.unless C.when D.while

  14.That path ________ directly to my house.You won't miss it.

  A.leads B.forms C.repairs D.controls

  15.The sun ______ bright in the sky and made the room bright.

  A.lay B.covered C.shone D.moved


  1-2 BBDBB 6-10 DAABC 11-15 AABAC

  Unit7. What’s the highest mountain in the world?

  1.We should be calm ________ the face of dangers.

  A.at B.with C.of D.in

  2.—Mountain Huang is famous all over the world.

  —Yes,you're right.A lot of ________ visit it every year.They take photos here and there.

  A.tourists B.pandas C.trains D.husbands

  3.—Is the boy ________?

  —No.He is asleep.

  A.clever B.awake C.happy D.healthy

  4.Our Chinese teacher didn't come to school today because of the ________.We hope she will be better soon.

  A.space B.weather C.illness D.homework

  5.You can stay for the weekend ________ you like.

  A.so B.though C.or D.if

  6.After lunch Mark ________ me to a game of tennis.

  A.finished B.beat C.challenged D.won

  7.—I'm afraid I can't pass the exam.

  —Don't worry.If you work hard,you'll ________.

  A.succeed B.finish C.begin D.develop

  8.—Mr.Wang isn't at work today.

  —________ I know,he has gone to London.

  A.As old as B.As far as

  C.As soon as D.As long as

  9.You may feel difficult to _______ enough air in Tibet.

  A.take away B.take on C.take in D.take off

  10.—Which is the most interesting _____ all the books?

  —The one by Charles Dickens.

  A.of B.for C.on D.at

  11.—________ is the population of your town?

  —About sixty thousand.

  A.How B.What C.How many D.How much

  12.—Why did they start the club?

  —The main reason was ________ protect animals.

  A.help B.helps C.helped D.to help

  13.—Do you know which country has ____ population?

  —Of course China.

  A.the most B.the least

  C.the largest D.the best

  14.—What do you think of this movie?

  —It's ________ more interesting than that one.

  A.much B.too C.very D.quite

  15.—What do you do there,Eric?

  —Oh,my job includes ________.

  A.do housework and go shopping

  B.doing housework and going shopping

  C.did housework and went shopping

  D.to do housework and go shopping


  1-5 DABCD 6-10 CABCA 11-15 BDCAB

  Unit8. Have you read Treasure Island yet?

  1.—Is Finland ________ island country?

  —Yes,it is.

  A.a B.an C.the D.不填

  2.—I have just finished reading half of the book.

  —You should hurry up.It is due ________ two days.

  A.for B.after C.at D.in

  3.If we work hard,our future will be ________ hope.

  A.because of B.full of C.instead of D.proud of

  4.—What happened at the end of the story?

  —A policeman shot and killed the dangerous animal with his ________.

  A.gun B.treasure C.knife D.stick

  5.Sally hasn't finished her homework._____ she didn't write a word at all.

  A.Suddenly B.Hardly C.Actually D.Truly

  6.Frank is a creative boy.He had a great ________ in yesterday's speech competition.

  A.succeed B.success C.successful D.successes

  7.—I don't know your friend.Can you ____ her to me?

  —Sure,I can.

  A.introduce B.lead C.let D.meet

  8.The storybook ________ Lucy.Don't take it away without telling her.

  A.is B.belongs to C.was D.belongs with

  9.________!The train is coming!

  A.Wake up B.Get up C.Turn up D.Hurry up

  10.I have read Robinson Crusoe ________,but I haven't read Tom Sawyer ________.

  A.already;already B.yet;yet

  C.yet;already D.already;yet

  11.Allan was born in America,but he _____ in England.

  A.went back B.grew up

  C.picked up D.turned down

  12.The movie is so interesting that ________ people have seen it in the past few days.

  A.two million B.two millions

  C.two million of D.two millions of

  13.—________ has he stayed in that mountain?

  —For a week.

  A.How often B.How soon C.How long D.How many

  14.—Has Lucy ever been to Beijing?


  A.she has B.she isn't C.she hasn't D.she didn't

  15.Finally,the girl ________ to realize how much her mother loved her.

  A.went B.came C.had D.has


  1-5 BDBAC 6-10 BABDD 11-15 BACCB

  Unit9. Have you ever been to a museum?

  1.Thomas Edison invented ________ light bulb (灯泡).He was ________ unusual man.

  A.a;a B.an;the C.the;an D.a;/

  2.Most of my friends have heard ________ this piece of news.Only a few don't know about it.

  A.on B.at C.of D.to

  3.—Which ________ do you come from?


  A.country B.city C.town D.province

  4.The baby lion ________ can catch a chicken.

  A.it B.its C.itself D.it's

  5.________ she comes,she always brings a friend.

  A.Because B.Although C.So D.Whenever

  6.Alexander Bell ________ the telephone in 1876.

  A.invented B.discovered C.found out D.looked for

  7.I've _____ seen Tina,so I am sorry I can't recognize (认出) her.

  A.never B.already C.ever D.either

  8.—What do you ________ most?

  —I'm afraid of snakes very much.

  A.like B.argue C.fear D.beat

  9.—Where did you sleep?

  —We ________ a tent after we got there,and we slept in it.

  A.gave up B.put up C.took up D.came up

  10.—Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

  —I'm thinking about going ________.

  A.warm anywhere B.warm somewhere

  C.anywhere warm D.somewhere warm

  11.Mary's mother always encourages her ________ new things.

  A.to try B.try C.trying D.tries

  12.—Where is Tom?

  —He ________ the amusement park with his uncle.

  A.has been to B.has gone to

  C.has gone D.has been

  13.—Paris is a wonderful place!

  —Yes.I ________ there twice.

  A.have gone B.have been

  C.have been to D.have gone to

  14.—His father didn't go to work today,________?

  —Yes,he did.

  A.did he B.wasn't he C.didn't he D.was he

  15.—I haven't been to the space museum.


  A.So do I B.Me too C.Neither do I D.Me neither


  1-5 CCDCD 6-10 AACBD 11-15 ABBAD

  Unit10. I’ve had this bike for three years.

  1.Tom is ________ honest boy.You can believe what he said.

  A.a B.an C.the D./

  2.My son likes wearing that T-shirt,because it's very ________ and comfortable.

  A.smart B.outgoing C.soft D.ugly

  3.Our teacher Ms.Yang is so friendly to us that we all ________ her as our elder sister.

  A.regard B.owned C.left D.collected

  4.I have to ________ my room.It is really in a mess.

  A.look after B.take in C.clear out D.walk into

  5.His grade in the exam puts him ________ the top 10 students in his class.

  A.between B.over C.above D.among

  6.________ the timetable,the train for London leaves at seven o'clock in the evening.

  A.Thanks to B.As for

  C.Thanks for D.According to

  7.I will meet Jane at the station,Please ________what time she will arrive.

  A.count B.choose C.check D.catch

  8.It's quite a ______ that you can't go to the great concert.

  A.worry B.illness C.surprise D.shame

  9.—Do you know Wang Qin well?

  —Sure.We ________ friends since ten years ago.

  A.became B.have become

  C.were D.have been

  10.—How long have they worked in the zoo?


  A.In five years B.For five years

  C.Since five years D.Five years ago

  11.—Where is your uncle?

  —He ________ to South Africa on business.He has ________ there twice.

  A.has been;gone B.will go;been

  C.went;gone D.has gone;been

  12.________,volunteering is both a chance to help others and a good way to develop ourselves.

  A.To my surprise B.To be honest

  C.In order to D.Be similar to

  13.—Have you decided to move to Beijing?

  —________,but I have a plan for it.

  A.Ever since B.Later on C.Not yet D.From now on

  14.I love the countryside,________ in spring.

  A.especially B.hardly C.instead D.heavily

  15.—I'll go on a visit to Disneyland.


  A.Thank you. B.Never mind.

  C.Have a good trip! D.That's OK.


  1-5 BCACD 6-10 DCDDB 11-15 DBCAC

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